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The Vibe 808 is here to serve the community of New Paltz and beyond with top-of-the-line audio, photography, graphic design, and video services. Drawing from our wealth of experience in the media industry and a passion for excellence, The Vibe 808 team offers unparalleled quality for all your audio needs. Immersing yourself in our facility puts you in the driver's seat of creativity and nurtures an atmosphere that allows us to bring extraordinary ideas to life. From audio production to beautiful and engaging photography and videography, the Vibe 808 never misses a beat. Step inside The Vibe 808 studio and experience the energy - your photos, graphics, video, or audio will thank you!

Welcome to Vibrato

Recording music is an art form; your experience throughout the process makes our studio stands out. However, when you walk through the doors, you will realize that we offer other forms of media to support your project. With Freeflight Productions, we provide a complete marketing package that includes photography, graphic design, videography, and web design. At the end of your session, you will have access to your high-quality stems in your account at no additional cost when you book a session and will have options to store your work at a small fee to be able to send, organize and have long-term access.

We understand that marketing is essential to success in your career, and we specialize in the visual component and offer high-quality audio. In addition, our rates are very competitive, so whether you're just starting or a seasoned pro, The Vibe 808 is the perfect place to have as a resource.

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